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 Shoreline Stabilization 

 Shoreline Stabilization has become a major issue for homeowners in the region. The prevention of erosion should be your first concern as a waterfront property owner. The loss of shoreline will depreciate the value of your property and potentially make deep water access more difficult.


Rip-Rap is the most common form and most economic of all the shoreline stabilization techniques. Waterways Construction offers high quality installation and repair of rip rap. We utilize the highest grade of geosynthetic fabric underneath our stone to ensure no soil erosion and you will never have unsightly weeds growing up through your rock shoreline.

Redi-Rock Block

   Redi-Rock Block is a nice alternative for shoreline stabilization. It is more expensive than traditional methods, however, it is a very attractive and effective finished product.

Retaining Wall Systems

Retaining Wall Systems are a structurally sound, aesthetically appealing, and economical alternative to boulder, timber tie, and cast-in-place retaining walls. As a gravity wall system, the standard unit provides the weight and stability to resist applied earth pressure for walls up to 60 feet high.

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