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Piers & Docks

Waterways Construction is a leader in the construction and repair of piers and docks. We have built many of the quality piers and docks in the region, more importantly we understand the importance of building a dock or pier that suits your needs and lifestyle. The considerations when designing a dock or pier are wave action, soil type and the use of area. An effective design is the true foundation of a successful pier or dock project. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Pressure Treated Lumber

To promote longevity in the life of your pier or dock, Muskrat Construction uses all CCA pressure treated lumber and pilings when in contact with the water to instill a longer life span of the structure. All of our hardware is galvanized or stainless to insure no corrosion, if possible. Here at Waterways Construction, we understand that all jobs are different. With quality being our highest priority, we strive to take the extra step to do it right from the beginning.

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